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Ladder Lifts

For long sloping sites and even moving bulky furniture to upper levels, the ladder hoist will provide a transport solution where most others can’t.

This “Lift & Shift” machine is able to be fitted with a tray for moving tiles, blocks, plants or anything else you can think of or a self-tipping skip for moving lose materials.

These units are available on a hire & rental basis

If you looking to rent items please call or email us to place your order

Machine Benefits

  • The ladder lift has many different applications and can be used to lift materials into place or to lower materials away – from bricks and soil to solar powered water tanks it can do it all.
  • With the exception of the motor all Aluminium construction means components are lightweight and portable.
  • Because the lifting structure is a ladder the machine is ideally suited to narrow corridors and tight access applications.


  • 150kg Capacity
  • Lifting Speed: 30m/min
  • Power: 240V 10amp plug in (min Generator size to run 4KVa)
  • Maximum length of lift: 35m
  • Minimum setup angle for ladder: 20° (Supports required every 2m)
  • Maximum setup angle for ladder = 90°
  • Maximum length of ladder without support: 6m (when the ladder is at 45°)
  • Platform size: Variable (see Optional accessories)
  • Ladder Section Lengths: 1 or 2m
  • Motor Assembly Weight: 40kg
  • Can be attached to scaffolding (conditions apply)

Optional Extras

  • Carrying Attachments such as: Brick/Tile cage, Boxed Platform, Tipping Skip & Sheet Carrier
  • Adjustable Props to support the ladder sections, & adjustable bends to get over objects
  • Brick/Tile cage – Bricks or tiles can be carried safely within the enclosure.
  • Boxed Platforms – Two types available. A box with 340mm high sides and platform of 820x670mm or a flat platform up to 2m x 1.1m for bulky goods.
  • Tipping Skip – The skip can carry 200kg of material or 100 Litres liquid.
  • Sheet Carrier – Can carry up to 3.2mx1.6m sheet.


Basic Installation Video

***Actual installation/removal time may vary depending on the site and complexity of the job

***Actual installation/removal time may vary depending on the site and complexity of the job
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