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Geda 300kg Single Barrow Materials Hoist

Conveying and Hoisting Solutions have a modern fleet of small to large rack and pinion materials hoists, builders hoists, brickies hoists and barrow hoists in Australia. Our units use the latest rack and pinion drive technology and meet all the relevant safety standards to give you and your operators piece of mind. These units are available on a hire & rental basis

If you looking to rent items please call or email us to place your order

Machine Benefits

  • Larger platform sizes than any other unit on the market to suit Australian wheelbarrows, as well as a safety circuit to protect overloading on 240V units.
  • Fastest set up time on the market, captive mast bolts & mast pivot cams make putting mast on a breeze. The units are also the lightest on the market which enable them to be lifted further with HIAB cranes, on tight or congested work sites.
  • Proven lowest cost of ownership on the market.
  • All structural items including the platform are fully galvanized to ensure longevity.
  • Simple electronics ensure reliability with a red and green light system to alert to problems such as a ramp not closed or a landing gate left open.
  • 240V outlets in the platform allow riggers to install mast braces easily straight from the platform.
  • Riggers can safely access the building via the riggers deck supplied as standard.
  • Can be attached to scaffolding (conditions apply)

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Optional Extras

  • Full height ramps are available in lieu of half ramps as standard.
  • A third ramp can be fitted so that loading can be done on all sides of the hoist excluding the mast side.
  • Electrically interlocked landing gates are available for complete site safety.



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